Tyke Pierce Construction

Company History

Tyke Pierce's Story

     Lloyd B. Pierce (Tyke) owner of Tyke Pierce Construction was born in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on October 4th, 1950. I started riding along with my father to job sites when I was just four years old. I took to construction like a duck takes to water. To this day I love everything about it. I began my working life by following my big brother (and idol) Tom Pierce, and my father W. Lloyd Pierce. My father was the most knowledgeable and capable man I have ever known. 

     I attended Colorado State University from 1968 to 1971, majoring in Industrial Construction Management. From 1971 to May 1975 I worked for the family company. Then in 1975 my wife wanted to move to Nebraska to be closer to her family so we moved and I went to work for a contractor in Nebraska and nearly starved to death working for $ 3.50 an hour as a journeyman carpenter. After four long months of that, I was fortunate enough to hear about a construction "Boom" in Brush, Colorado. I followed the wind to Brush and started my own business doing government assisted remodels for the elderly. Next, I came upon an opportunity to team up with a local realtor, in two years we built thirty six new homes in the area. Unfortunately, the national economy came along and swept all the profits away, so I had to start over. I was lucky enough to get a few jobs including: two Bank additions and the High School.

     In 1979, I returned to Steamboat Springs and rejoined with my father's business in order to restore the local train depot.This was our introduction to historical restorations in the Yampa Valley. In 1983, I married Linda Nell Norris, daughter of Ester and Cyril Norris and granddaughter of Warren and Lucy Rider homestead ranchers in the Elk River Valley. We were married on August 6th, 1983.

     In the last twenty years we have completed more than fifty projects in all phases of construction. In 2004 we were asked to look at Historical Restoration of Perry Mansfield Camp. We completed a full restoration of ten of their buildings between 2004 and 2011. We also completed the Historical Restorations of the Crawford House, Dobbs House, Maxwell/Squire Building and the Solandt Memorial Hospital in Hayden, Colorado. We have also completed the exterior renovation of seven large condominium complexes during the last twenty years.

     I truly love this valley and all that it means to so many folks. I can not imagine a better place to have been given the opportunity to grow up. My only wish is that my reputation and memory may be as honorable and respectful as the four great gentlemen that proceeded me in this business to which I owe all my gratitude and respect.