Tyke Pierce Construction

Tyke Pierce Construction is an all phase construction company. We offer a complete construction service for any project no matter the size. Let us manage, schedule and facilitate your project so that it will run smoothly allowing you to look like the hero. We have a strong belief that the only way to do a job is to do it right. Our team is skilled in every aspect of the construction process, and can perform any task put before it in a competent manner. From digging the foundation ,to building the walls, to provide the correct roof design and providing custom trim work; we do it all, and we do it right!

our Contracting Services

     Our Company has extensive experience in all branches of the general construction industry-Residential, Multi-residential, Commercial and Industrial-in both new and remodeled work. We have been licensed in the States of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. Our company motto is: "We strive to provide every client with a first class project at a fair market price-on time and within budget. " We are fully equipped for all phases of general building construction,  from site excavation through the last touch up of paint. We have assembled a team of employees capable of completing all phases of the project with the exception of Mechanical, Electrical and some Masonry. Our competent and qualified subcontractors handle these areas in a professional and timely manner. We perform the following categories of work with our own forces based on the percentages stated:

  1. Division 1-General Conditions:  100%
  2. Division 2-Excavation/site work: 50%
  3. ​Division 3-Concrete: 60%
  4. Division 4-Masonry: 0%
  5. Division 5-Metals: 100%
  6. Division 6-Woods and Plastics: 100%
  7. Division 7-Moisture Protection: 65%
  8. Division 8-Doors and Windows: 80%
  9. Division 9-Finishes: 70%​
  10. Division 10-Specialties: 90%
  11. Division 11-Equipment: 50%
  12. Division 12-Furnishings: 50%
  13. Division 13-Special Construction: 50%​
  14. Division 14-Conveying Systems: 0%
  15. Division 15-Mechanical: 0%
  16. Division 16-Electrical: 0%