Double Trouble by TJ Pierce

Tom Pierce's Story

     The company history of Tyke Pierce Construction would simply not be complete without including Tom Pierce's (Tykes older brother) Story. All of the four Pierce children were born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Tom Pierce, the eldest of the children, was born on December 31st, 1939. The children spent their summer vacations fishing and playing along the Butcherknife and Spring Creeks. Everyone in the small town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, new every one else and it was a safe and loving time and place for anyone to grow up in. There was always time to ski and play football and have an honest to goodness childhood; without the pressures and dangers that so many young people now face in today's society. "We were lucky to grow up in a time and place when kids still had a carefree childhood" Tom says. "There was next to no crime at all in Steamboat Springs. Crime was always somewhere else, either in the newspaper or on the radio. Charlie Shell was our day policemen and Cody Shinn worked at night."

    Tom and Tyke both went to work for their father's construction company, Pierce Construction, almost as soon as they were old enough to swing a hammer or push the wheelbarrow. At that time the Pierce family was making its home in the Anchor Motel that they also operated as a business, which was built by Pierce Construction.

      Right out of high school, Tom met Helen Lynch. Her father had come from Arkansas to work in the local sawmills. Tom and Helen soon married raising four sons and one daughter of their own in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

    Lloyd taught his sons the construction business, literally from the ground up. "He started me out with a shovel in a ditch. I wasn't promoted until I knew the basics" Tom says, smiling at the memory. Construction in those days lasted from June until November, during the heaviest snow months work came to a standstill in Steamboat Springs. Tom gradually moved from head carpenter to job project superintendent, to general superintendent of the company. W.L. Pierce Construction built the Yampa Valley Electric Building, the Routt County National Bank and many more projects in down town Steamboat Springs. They competitively bid and won 100's of jobs throughout Northwestern Colorado and Wyoming. At one time Tom supervised 225 employees at W.L. Pierce Construction. 

     Unfortunately, in 1972, while moving snow at a project sight in Craig, Colorado, Tom ruptured a disk. It required an operation followed by a secondary surgery two years later. In 1976 he was back in the hospital for a third attempt to alleviate the pain and correct the injury. Still he continued to be plagued with constant back pain. After his third back surgery Tom decided that it was just time to look for less strenuous work. In November of 1977, He applied for the position of Building Inspector for Routt County and a new chapter in his life began.

     In 1978, when Tom accepted the building department position, he brought with him 25 years of practical, hands-on construction experience that proved to be invaluable. His professional philosophy concerning his position as Routt County Building Inspector was communication over regulation. Tom was well liked and respected by the construction

community because he strongly believed that his departments job was to educate the public about building codes as well as enforce them. His office saved contractors and construction companies thousands of dollars by recommending better construction techniques for our climate and area that would meet the local code. These efforts prevented many structural problems that are quite difficult to fix after the fact and everyone is better off in the long run. Tom ran the Routt County Building department from 1978 to the early 1990's, during the time of the most explosive building boom that has of yet occurred in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

     Tom retired from the Routt County Building Department in the 1990's. He and Helen moved North to Montana as his eldest son had previously done. His two youngest sons moved at the same time and reside in Montana currently. Retirement inspired Tom to further develop his life long hobby of Western Art into yet another full blown profession. His art is beautiful and obviously grounded in the Western Culture he grew up with. It depicts the rugged individuality of the old west, which he has captured on the canvas & clay of his Artwork. We have included a few samples of his many western paintings that are available in print at request. He is also available for commissioned work upon request. If interested in prints or some of Tom's other work please contact this website expressing interest in Art by T.J. Pierce.



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